Saturday, April 5, 2014

Oh, hey

Yep, I finally wandered back here over 2 years since my last post.   A lot has changed since then.  I'm fairly certain most of my old followers don't even lurk around these parts anymore, as the most recent post in my que is from 5 months ago.  Blogger claims i'm still getting page-views but I credit that to bots, or random mis-clicks in the depths of the internet.  I don't really intend on keeping this blog active, as i would basically be talking to no one.  I'm not going to take it down, because it's fun to come back every once in a while to see all the goony shit I wrote (I think i'm hilarious... sometimes).
Instead i'm going to start a new blog, centered around sharing and talking about music.  Over the last year or two, I've taken an interest in DJ'ing, and now spend a substantial part of my day on soundcloud listening to new music.  I'll post a link to the new blog when i get around to setting it all up.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Utah Jazz - Done & Dusted

Stumbled upon this on someone else's blog earlier this week (sorry, i forget who you are, but if you comment, i'll give you credit for exposing myself to these sweet cherry jamz)
Pretty catchy. I like it

Also, i'm not dead so yeah.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Life is weird.

I'm growing up, and it feels so weird.  I've spent my entire life worrying about having to do grown up stuff, like pay bills, choose insurance companies, and interact with neighbors in a socially acceptable grown up way.  When I was in grade school, people asked if i couldn't' wait to grow up, and I would just be like "fuck no, I've got legos, nerf guns, and cartoon network, this is the life!" (but with less cussing.  because I was like 8)
I mean look at this thing, it's freaking belt fed!

  Now that i'm halfway through my Sophmore year of college, i'm having to slowly start to deal with that kind of stuff.  Now that I live away from mama and papa bear I have to worry about when to do my laundry, and my housing payments.  I have to buy groceries, and make sure I don't run out of body wash.  I always expected there to be some internal change, where I would become old and boring.  Some change where I would somehow know more important things like how often I need to make dentist appointments and a sudden inexplicable pride in my lawn (not that i have one yet, but still).  But I don't feel like i'm growing up.  Don't get me wrong, I still basically live off my parents, and i'm extremely lucky to have that luxury, and it's not like i actually have a lawn to take pride in.  But i'm seriously like a 12 year old on the inside.  My favorite part of walmart is still the toy aisles with the legos, and nerf guns.  I still stare longingly at the power wheels, even though I have a fully functioning car sitting out in the parking lot.

Bitches on my money.

My favorite past times are still music, video games, and airsoft.  I don't feel like I should be trusted with a lease agreement.  Because lease agreements are for adults.  And I don't think i'll ever grow up.   Sure, on the outside I'll grow up, and i'll get a job, and pay for my mortgage and insurance.  I'll have to smile and wave to Mr. Jones, even though he has the most annoying shithole of a child running around my yard.  But deep down, i'll still be the same 12 year old who thinks fart jokes are to humor as Shakespeare is to literature.  I'm not saying it's a bad thing, i'm perfectly content with it.  I'm just saying it feels weird now that I have to do grown up things, when deep down, i'm still the same kid I have always been.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy new years everybody! I made you another card!  And you didn't die like that one movie said you would!
Disregard wobbly limbs, I'm still stuck with the netbook and travel mouse.
Now lets reflect on all the noteworthy stuff that happened on this glorious year of 2011!
  1. We lost the fancy new years glasses where the zero's were eyeholes.  Fuck you 1. 

Aand that's pretty much it.

It's already been a year, time to make some new years resolutions to keep for like 15 or so days!
  1. Start working out again you fat sack of lard.  Do you do anything besides eat?
  2. Continue updating your blog.  So far so good, don't ruin this.
  3. Spend as little money as possible, and accumulate as much money as possible.   Be a cheapass.  Stop buying toys, no matter how cool they are (unless they glow in the dark)
  4. Stop drinking so many damn soft drinks.  Root beer is tasty, but your body hates you for it.  And good god, that monster energy is destroying you from the inside out, unless you have a test to cram for take a chill with that stuff.
  5. Do better on your schoolwork.  Your last semester was a big sack of dookie, and your parents are going to murder you for it.  Bring that GPA up before you get kicked out.
  6. Make less generic resolutions next year
  7. Actually keep up with these resolutions for more than 15 days.
And don't forget to stay safe everyone.  Don't drink and drive, and all that jazz.  (kinda late for that, seeing as this blog is automatically set to be posted at 12:01, and you're probably piss drunk by now)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweet band recommendation-Shapeshifter

All throughout my middle school and high school life I've been a metalhead.  Heck, to this day I'm still a sucker for the blast beat.  Metal is, and will always be a part of my life.  However, over the last year or so, i've really been diggin' the more electronic genre's.  At first it was just a few youtube videos on the favorites list that would get a listen every so often, but i really don't have any friends into the electronic scene (and still don't come to think of it).  But over the last few month's i've gotten really into it, downloading albums and whatnot, looking up artists, and doing my homework on this stuff.  My electo collection is still pitiful compared to the metal in my music library, but it's growing ever so slowly and steadily.  I've been getting into D&B, House, and even Dubstep (oh god, he listens to dubstep, what a fucking TOOL.  I bet he's never had a girlfriend, and likes Justin Bieber!)

One artist in particular who I've really taken a liking to is Shapeshifter.  About 2 years ago (specifically August of 09) me and a buddy stumbled upon a youtube video with a mysteriously catchy track in the background.  We pretty much put that video on loop for like a week straight, but the video didn't have any credits for the song, and the poster didn't check his account or reply to comments.  (Naturally, half the comments were something along the lines of "WUT SONG IS DIS?").  2 years later I finally stumbled upon the track again, source included, and promptly downloaded all of these guys's albums (at least every one I could find.).  Then for the next month I listened to nothing but Shapeshifter.  In the car, while'st studying,...anywhere else I listen to music.  And i must say, goodness gracious, they are something else.  There's something about them that just stands out above the crowd.  I just want to get up and dance (but i don't, because i'm a white boy from suburbia with no swag).  So anywho, here's a little sneak peek of their stuff.  Maybe you'll like it, maybe not.

And if you liked that, check out their super rad website for more music.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas various followers!  I drew you this sick nasty Christmas card to celebrate Jesus's birthday!
If your wondering why it looks like absolute garbage, it's a combination of me having virtually no artistic merit whatsoever, and the fact that I only brought my netbook home for winter break.  I don't know if you've ever worked on a netbook before, but if you're trying to do anything that isn't facebook, it's kind of a bitch because of the whole micro-sized screen.  Combined with the super-sensitive travel mouse, it makes for a very poor work environment.  But i did the best i could, so be happy and accept my card.  I made it with love.  Now get the hell off your computer, and go spend time with your family.  It's freaking CHRISTMAS.
(if you're an orphan, or adopted, or for some reason, have no family, i'm sorry for pointing out the elephant in the room.  Please don't be sad.  I'm sorry.)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Things and stuff 2.0: The blogs new old direction.

I just went from well over 100 followed, to 21 blogs followed, and i'm probably gonna weed out a few of those. While going through every individual blog, I got to thinking about what direction I wanted this to go in.  I was following everything from Battlefield 3 press release blogs, to how to solve a rubix cube (that's right.  An entire blog dedicated to it.  Why in the hell was i following that?).  Then after an hour or so of mindless deleting, I realized what I want out of this blog.  Really it should have been obvious, as it's in the freaking title "Things and stuff".  I don't want to write a specialty blog on minecraft, or LoL, or press releases, or Rubix cubes.  I just want to write random shit about my life.  So to all my followers, if you find yourself bored with the content of this blog over the next few weeks, i encourage you to unfollow me.  Because I didn't make this blog to get the biggest number of followers I could.  I made it so I could have a refuge away from tumblr, and facebook, and all the people I know from the real world to just talk about stuff.  Not necessarily a place to whine about my innermost feelings or anything (though you longtime followers know i do tend to bitch and moan quite a bit, deal wit it), but just a place to post where i don't have to worry about "selling myself" so to speak.  On tumblr and facebook i'm constantly thinking about what the people reading what i post are going to think of me.  I have to worry about social standards, and peoples opinions about me.  Here, i really don't give two fucks.  I can do whatever i want.
So yeah.  Welcome to Things and Stuff 2.0, enjoy your stay.
Or don't.  Your call  :D

(ps. if i unfollowed your blog, don't get offended.  I had over 100 blogs on my list, there was a point where i just started unfollowing for the sake of unfollowing.)