Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Due to my weird tendency to avoid my bed at night i'm dead tired today. (I fell asleep in class twice today.  I NEVER do that anymore)  Along with all the stuff on my "list of shit I really have to get done", I have two major exams tomorrow, so i'm spending my day cramming for those, and can't be spending time writing some long winded blog post today.  Instead, here's a picture of canned bacon.  Yes.  It exists.  And yes, i want it.  I'll write a better blog for you guys tomorrow when i'm well rested, and not a Mr. Grumpy Gills.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Google unveils Cr-48, the first Chrome OS laptop.

I'm pretty excited to see how this pans out.  So far i'm not really excited to try out the new OS (seeing as its basically just Google chrome, a very basic file system, and that's it.  No desktop.  No other software.  Just Chrome.  Certainly a very interesting idea though, and very original.  I could only see myself using the Google OS on a laptop/netbook for checking facebook/blogs/other internet things, but not on a main desktop computer, since it lacks a good chunk of the functionality of windows.  On the bright side the internet will be a better place without caps lock, and that laptop is freaking beautifulSource


On Saturday, for some reason I couldn't get myself to fall asleep until about 7 AM.  Unfortunately, my alarm was set for 8 AM.  Needless to say, it was a rough morning.  To make matters worse Sunday was the day my parents chose for me, my sister, and my brother in law to do some yard work (removing grass around my pool).  I can't really complain though.  Without my brother in law's help it probably would have taken 3 times as long (he has real muscles, i have spaghetti noodle arms.) I'm being paid, which is really good since i'm jobless and all.  Plus it feels good to get out and do some work for once, as opposed to sitting inside all day.  After finishing, i promptly showered, ate dinner, then dragged my very sore, out of shape body (I didn't even think fingers could get sore, but yesterday I learned they indeed can.) to my bed, and slept for the next 13 hours.  So thats the reason I failed to follow through on my "1 blog post a day" goal I had set.  But it won't happen again!  I'll be sure to half-ass something next time :D  On the bright side, it gave me something to write about today.
Now for some entertainment, another song on youtube.

You like?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

King Kornelius - Untitled (You Pick the Name!)

I saw this video in another blog (sorry, i forgot which one it was, so I can't link for credit :x), and I must say i'm quite fond of it.  It may not exactly be your cup of tea, but since I ended up playing it like 10 times I figured I'd share it with you guys to see what you think.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

I really dislike mac.

I've never really been a mac fan.  I will admit, mac makes some fairly decent, and attractive computers.  I'm personally fond of the look of their macbooks (though i think it would be better if they had a wider color selection), and although i'm not too familiar with the operating system, i'm sure it has it's strong points.  However, a cool looking computer isn't worth the extra few thousand dollars (that goes for you too alienware).  My Dell laptop looks pretty nifty as well, and It was sure a lot cheaper than a comparable macbook.  It drives me mad when people claim that mac's are better than PC's, because they are "super awesome, and perfect, and purdy".  There's also a misconception that Mac's can't get viruses.  In fact, today in my psychology class we had a guest speaker come in to talk about internet safety.  He commented on how "No one gets viruses on macs, because since most businesses use windows, hackers don't bother targeting os x, and there probably won't be a threat for 10 or so years."  It's a computer.  No matter what operating system it has, it can still get a virus.  Hell, they already have viruses, Google it.  Os X has it's fair share of security issues.  And if you think hackers only target businesses/corporations then you're just plain ignorant.
That being said If you own a mac i'm not calling you ignorant and stupid, and all that.  (i know you're out there.  12% of my pageviews are from Mac :b) Some people have the money, and don't mind spending it on a mac.  Some people like the Mac OS, and the looks of their computer, and all that jazz.  Thats a personal decision, and you should do whatever floats your boat.  I'm just saying do your homework before you buy, and educate yourself.  Then when someone asks why you bought a mac, you won't infuriate them with an ignorant answer like "it doesn't get viruses" or "It's the best computer out there".  Additionally a few hours of research could save you a few Thousand dollars if you find buying/building a PC is a better route for you.

I stumbled on this image while wandering aimlessly through the internet today.  The only issue i found with it is the raid card comment.  There are raid cards on newegg for up to 3000 dollars.  However, i highly doubt the "Macbook raid card" is comparable to that model (i'd have to research the specs of the card they offer), and i'm sure a cheaper model would work fine.  Additionally the amount of people who actually require a raid card is pretty insignificant. Everything else they mentioned is pretty much spot on.  You're getting ripped off.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blogging is more work than i thought.

When i first made this blog, I was expecting it to come easy for me.  I committed myself to at least a post a day, but unfortunately i'm having a hard time thinking of things to write about.  Maybe it's just that I lack creativity, or just that I've been too busy with schoolwork lately.  My daily schedule consists of school, food, sleep, and procrastination.  (you'd think i'd have some pretty sick blog posts with all the procrastination, but no such luck.)
On a totally unrelated note, i was looking for a stapler in the supply closet today, and somehow ended up with a jar of Play-Doh.  Why there was a jar of Play-Doh in the office supply closet is completely beyond me, but i'm not complaining.  Since i couldn't think of a real blog topic, I made you guys this.
It's a snake thingy.  His name is Ricardo Gingerbread McHambone.  He lives on my post-it pad, lives off of dust particles, green tea, and the little plastic things at the end of shoelaces.  His favorite movie is finding Nemo (he always flinches at that one part where Bruce the shark is introduced, even though he knows it's coming) and his favorite genre of music is Classical. (more specifically Baroque period, he's a huge Bach fan. Hence the previous youtube post.)  He used to live with his parents, but due to a freak sledding accident during winter break involving a bag of twizzlers, and a pine cone (i don't know the details), he became orphaned.  Now he lives with me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ

I'm not really sure where this blog is going.  I'd really like to be writing more, but I've been kinda busy lately, and i haven't thought of anything to write about.  So here's a youtube video to make up for my lack of real content.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sexy Sax Man (Careless Whisper Saxophone Prank!!) directors cut

My mortal enemy.

A few weeks ago, i was chillin at home, doing whatever it is i do all day.  I was hungry, and i remembered i had about 2 drops of gas left in my car so i was like “hey dad.  Lemme borrow your card, so i can get gas, and lunch, because you’re the best dad ever”  Naturally, his response was “alright, son, you are so awesome, i wish i could be as cool as you, you’re the best son ever, here’s my card”  So I’m in a good mood, pulling up into the drive through.  I order my food, i’m feelin’ pretty good.  So i hand the most unenthusiastic employee I’ve ever met the credit card.  He swipes it, waits a few seconds, then makes a motion with his arm, credit card in hand, like he’s about to hand it to me. Naturally, I reached out the window to grab it from him, so i could move on to get my delicious t-bell.  But no, at the last second, he puts his hand up against the window, and stares into the oblivion of the receipt printer, as if it would stop printing if he took his eyes off of it GOD FORBID HE CEASE HIS EVIL EYE.  He knew i was waiting for my card.  He just wanted to watch me squirm in his peripheral vision, because he is a meanie fucking poopface.  So looking like a complete retard, i just sit there, with my hand hovering out my window for about 10 seconds, thinking “hey, maybe he will give me my damn card now.”  Of course, that would be the logical thing to do, but no.  The receipt has to print first.  God forbid he has to hand me the card then receipt.  2 arm movement's in one transaction?  He's not fucking MacGyver.  So now, he turns his head and just glares at me, like i’m personally insulting him by holding my arm out, waiting for my card.  Knowing i looked like a complete goon, i jokingly waved at him, and said “ohey!” like oh, i’m just pretending to play it off like i’m joking. But we both know i was a moron.  I guess he didn’t find my joke very funny, or he didn’t get that i was joking, and thought i was actually trying to cover up my completely called for, but stupid reaction to this stupid situation.  In the darkest, least enthusiastic tone i can imagine, he simply said “the receipt is printing…”  As if i hadn't figured that out already.  It's pretty difficult to explain just how i felt at that very moment, but this picture is as close as i can get.

I didn't actually have knives, or weird lightning squiggly's over my head, my eyes aren't red, and my teeth aren't that sharp, but this helps convey the message better.

At that very moment, i made my new moral enemy.  I vowed to never return to this taco bell, in spite of this man.  (Within a week, my resolve faded, and i came back, but he wasn't working so that didn't really count.)
Anyways, today I caught this man in the drive through of the Taco bell (The one i vowed to never return to.)  I paid in cash, so we didn’t have this problem, but our eternal feud will never cease.  His nametag said TYLER in little silver stickers.  So TYLER, if you’re reading this, and wish to someday become friends, offer me one of your precious little silver stickersheets in return for the horrid things you have done to me and my family.  Maybe then our eternal ceaseless feud will cease.  Until then.  I wan’t a fucking number 8, with a baja blast.  Asshole. (Also, the L was slightly crooked.)

I want a T-rex.

I want a pet T-rex.  He will only like me, and the people that i like.  I will construct a saddle for him, so i can ride him to school, and stuff.  No one will mess with us, because if they do, my T-rex will eat them.  He will also eat the people i don’t like, because he needs to eat people, or he will die, because he needs food.  I will also make a flamethrower, and mount it to his mouth, so he can breathe fire.  I am still toying with the idea of mounting lasers on his arms, but i don’t have much knowledge on lasers, or how much power it would take to operate them.  I can’t imagine they would be cheap though.  Attached is a picture of me and my dinosaur i drew in math, because Dinosaurs are cooler than math.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tesseract - Eden

God-tier song.  I'm addicted to their LP One

Introductory blog post thingy.

Well, I finally decided to give blogger a shot.  I'm still pretty new to this site, and how things work, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough.  I joined here primarily because I wanted a place to write my random thoughts down, without forcing it down anyone's throat so-to-speak.  I'm not really sure what the "theme" of this blog is going to be yet, but most likely it's just going to be centered around my hobbies, and day to day life.  Anyways, I hope I'm somewhat entertaining to you guys :D