Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blogging is more work than i thought.

When i first made this blog, I was expecting it to come easy for me.  I committed myself to at least a post a day, but unfortunately i'm having a hard time thinking of things to write about.  Maybe it's just that I lack creativity, or just that I've been too busy with schoolwork lately.  My daily schedule consists of school, food, sleep, and procrastination.  (you'd think i'd have some pretty sick blog posts with all the procrastination, but no such luck.)
On a totally unrelated note, i was looking for a stapler in the supply closet today, and somehow ended up with a jar of Play-Doh.  Why there was a jar of Play-Doh in the office supply closet is completely beyond me, but i'm not complaining.  Since i couldn't think of a real blog topic, I made you guys this.
It's a snake thingy.  His name is Ricardo Gingerbread McHambone.  He lives on my post-it pad, lives off of dust particles, green tea, and the little plastic things at the end of shoelaces.  His favorite movie is finding Nemo (he always flinches at that one part where Bruce the shark is introduced, even though he knows it's coming) and his favorite genre of music is Classical. (more specifically Baroque period, he's a huge Bach fan. Hence the previous youtube post.)  He used to live with his parents, but due to a freak sledding accident during winter break involving a bag of twizzlers, and a pine cone (i don't know the details), he became orphaned.  Now he lives with me.


  1. lol'd. Cool snake man.

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  2. lol, procrastination is under rated! Seriously, some of the best idea's are results of procrastinating other stuff! And the different topics will come to you. Posting once a day is alot though, try for every other day, it'll give people more of a chance to read your topics anyway! And dude, I'm jonesing for some playdoh now!

  3. Procrastination is paying off, very interesting post!

    Tell McHambone I said hi

  4. I totally understand what you mean. Blogging is a lot more work then it appears. Not so much the writing for me, but the constant checking of other blogs, reading, following. It's like a job.

  5. Yeah Sean, it really is. Enjoyed the creativity displayed though. :D Cool post.

  6. Neat snake thing! Check out my new blog, if you haven't already!

  7. Aww I hope you and Ricardo are very happy together ^_^

    As for the procrastination thing, I know exactly what you mean....


  8. For me is not that hard... well, my blog isn't that complex :P