Thursday, April 7, 2011

I hear they're really shakin' things up in japan

Thats horrible, and i'm sorry for what i said.  I take it back.  For those of you who don't know, apparently Japan had another earthquake today, as if earth really needed to kick them while they were down.  Fortunately there's tons of ways to donate to the cause.  I know there's an item on TF2 you can buy where all the profit goes to the red cross for japan.  There's also some number you can text where it automatically charges 10 bones to your phone bill for Japan (so go find that number, and "borrow" all your friends phones)

In other news, i neglected to post yesterday again.  My couch got the better of me, and i spent the day sitting on my ass.  (I love you guys, but it was still totally worth it.  Ended up watching mega64 podcasts all day.)  I'm probably going to miss a few posts this week too.  Reason being, I've never really been an A student.  I don't have the motivation, or drive to really study things i just quite frankly don't give a poop about.  Because of my "don't give a poop" attitude, I tend to spend all my time doing things I like, as opposed to things I don't like.  This leads to a lot of procrastination.

Unfortunately, that also leads to regret when i have 2 hours left to write a 5 page essay on the oil spill in the gulf.

Usually i can manage to balance my procrastination and homework to a point where i can still get all my work done.  This makes me happy.  Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever gone to school knows, instructors hate it when students are happy.  My teachers saw that i was being happy one day, so they decided to band together and assign as many assignments as they could all at the same time in an effort to destroy me and my content-ness.

Their plan worked, seeing as I now have 2 major essays, a major test, and a major speech due in the next week or so.  On the bright side, I found out the windows 7 version of MSpaint is actually pretty nifty.  I may as well just uninstall photoshop, obviously i don't need it anymore.


  1. Japan is like an alcoholic dad that keeps relapsing

  2. i bought one of the tf2 japan hats, i heard from my friend that valve raised $300,000!!! from those hats. WHO SAID VIDEO GAMES ARE BAD, WIN!

  3. hahaha that was hilarious. Although Sucks for Japan. I woulda shit bricks

  4. hahaha, I like homework!