Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I decided to come home from school and sit on my NEW COUCH all day.  (i think i'll dedicate another blog post specifically to my NEW COUCH on a later date)

Moving on, while going through the blogs i follow i saw this little gem on desktop customizer (Check em out, he posts some cool stuff).  Basically, you install this application (install the mischievous version, calm is super lame) and when you run it, these little "Shimeji" guys climb all over your desktop, up your browser windows, and jump all over the place.  You can even click on 'em and throw 'em around.  Any hope of getting anything done is pretty much squandered when you install this app.  It's awesome!

And if you don't like the 2 skins it comes with, you can download more on Deviantart. (personally, I didn't really find anything I liked, since most of them are chibi anime characters, but you guys might find something.)


  1. Procrastinating at its best!

    Looking forward to the couch-post, I'm looking for a new one at the moment as well.

  2. Amusing, but I think if I had those guys I would be forced to try and drop them in my recycle bin. lol

  3. Gratz on the couch! Everyone deserves a day off every now and then