Thursday, June 9, 2011

The CQB Digicam Crossman

Out of boredom i decided I really wanted to try painting a digital camo design, but i didn't want to ruin anything if i messed up.  So i took my old clearsoft crossman P50, dismantled it, sanded it down, and painted a grey base coat on it.  While it was drying I took some graph paper+masking tape and carved out some stencils with an exacto knife.  After my base coat dried, I applied the masks, painted a black layer, then removed the masks.  Here we have the result;

Because I didn't sand it well the masking tape ripped off entire chunks of paint on the barrel, leaving those ugly yellow patches.

As you can see by the pictures, there's a battery pack on the outside.  That's because the inner battery pack (an 8 cell pack located inside the "magazine") just wasn't enough.  So i wired the stock 6 cell battery in parallel.  That's 16.8 volts of power, making this thing an ass whomping bb hose (assuming the gravity fed bbs will even feed fast enough). It's a shame i'll never actually use this thing on the field, it would be great for CQB.  It was a fun project, but unfortunately my local field only allows semi auto to be used indoors, and a crossman just doesn't have the range to be used outside.  Besides, I already have a Classic Army that outperforms this in pretty much every aspect.  I'll probably end up selling it on craigslist for like 50 bucks or so.  (anyone wanna buy it off me? ;D)

(Also, you'll be seeing a few more airsoft related posts soon, seeing as it's my new obsession now that i can actually afford to play)


  1. If you sell it for 50 bucks, how much profit is that for you. Didn't think I saw you mention how much it costed you.

  2. My profit would be negative 10 or 20 dollars. I'm pretty sure i picked this up a few years ago for 60 dollars, plus the 8 cell pack was like 10.

  3. Sounds good, and for 50 bucks i think its a good deal

  4. I love the decal on the rifle.

  5. Looks pretty good. Very creative man