Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm a big fat jerkbutt.

I know.  I haven't posted in like 3 weeks.  Why haven't I posted?

  1. I'm a dumbface
  2. I smell bad (that's a blatant lie, I smell amazing, no one can deny it) 
  3. The internet connection is incredibly slow at summer school, which means browsing the internet is borderline impossible. 
  4. I've recently taken up playing World of Warcraft (Fortunately, my laziness has actually prevented it from taking over my life. "I don't want to run all the way to Orgamar.  I'll just do it tomorrow. /logoff")
  5. Even though my job requires mainly sitting in my car, it still manages to take a lot out of me, which when combined with said laziness means I don't feel like writing blog posts.
  6. I have a surprisingly busy schedule.  With 8 hours of class a week, working part (nearly full) time, homework, procrastination, and other things, i'm really never bored anymore.  And boredom was what first inspired me to start blogging.
  7. I'm adding this because i didn't want to leave off with 6 points.  I prefer the number 7 over 6.
That being said, i think i'm going to start blogging again (though that's not the first time I've said that before, now is it?).  So you can look forward to more posts from me in the near future :D

(Oh, and on a side note, i'm playing WoW on a free private server.  No way i'd actually pay 15 dollars a month for that.)

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  1. Procrastination is definitely a time killer, but those aren't real excuses for your lack of effort! :P