Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A very interesting read.

A while back before I discovered blogger, I made a tumblr account.  At first it was quite enjoyable, like a facebook type place where i could write long winded thoughts and things outside the view of my friends.  I quickly found that in reality tumblr is pretty much a place where hipster scene kids go to reblog pictures of scene girls, cupcakes, their shitty camera phone photography, overused memes, and more scene girls.  Note how i say reblog.  Meaning 99% of the content on my feed isn't even originally from the person posting it.  Why the hell would i follow you if you aren't going to post any shit of your own?  That's all fine and dandy, but I don't really care about most of those things (Scene girls are okay, but i don't want to look at re-blogged pictures of things you care about all day.).  That being said, every month or so i'll wander back onto tumblr to see what the few people I do follow have posted.  Most of it is uninteresting to me, but tonight I read a link one of my old friends posted.

It's one hell of a long read, but it's really interesting.  It's some guy talking about his experience after being in prison for 2 years for armed robbery.  He talks about how it's like, how his interactions with other inmates/staff go, how his family and friends reacted, how he coped, and described just how differently the media, and general public depict prison, as opposed to the reality.  He talks about his drug use, and how he blew his cellmate.  There's really no benefit from reading this (for me at least) because I wasn't really keen on becoming a felon anyways, but that was surely incentive to not fuck my life up (plus I don't want to blow any cellmates.)


  1. Yeah, I hate the scene-kids. And that is a looooong read. Looks good though.