Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is the title of the blog i am posting.

Sorry i haven't posted in like a month or so.  I've been fairly preoccupied.  Today was my last day of work.  It's kinda a bittersweet thing.  I'm out of that shithole, but i'm also without income now.  Plus some of my co-workers were actually tolerable.  In less than 48 hours i'll be moving into my new dorm room.  I've talked to my roommate over facebook, and text, and he seems like a nice guy, but i have yet to meet him in person.  I'm excited to get out of this house, and get out on my own (sort of) but of course there's a bit of nerves too.  About moving to a new place, living with some stranger, and dealing with much tougher classes than i've been dealing with (you can pass most community college courses with a pulse, and a means of transportation)  None of it has really hit me yet.  I don't feel like i'm moving.  I don't feel like there's a huge change coming up.  Then again, last time I moved i didn't feel like I was moving.  (Come to think of it, not many things really effect me.  I just kinda roll with the punches and mindlessly go about my business.  That in itself has some pros and cons.  But i digress)
Usually at this point of my post, i'd go off track and ramble about something for a few paragraphs (in this case, about how i roll with the punches, etc), then promise i'll start posting more often, but it's past 5 AM and i actually have to wake up tomorrow to get shit done.
So yea.  Thanks for putting up with my shit-tier blog schedule (or lack there of one.)  I'll write again soon enough.
Edit: Wow.  You can really tell this post was rushed.  Next time i'll work a bit harder before clicking publish.  Gnight all.


  1. Moving away is quite a big deal! I moved out last September to go to university and it was terrifying, i'm unashamedely admitting to only lasting six months on my own, until I felt homesick enough to move back! Loser :( But anyway, good luck!

  2. Well, at least you are back. Also, you're roommate is statistically a elephant rapist. Sorry about that. The noise can be often overwhelming.