Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweet band recommendation-Shapeshifter

All throughout my middle school and high school life I've been a metalhead.  Heck, to this day I'm still a sucker for the blast beat.  Metal is, and will always be a part of my life.  However, over the last year or so, i've really been diggin' the more electronic genre's.  At first it was just a few youtube videos on the favorites list that would get a listen every so often, but i really don't have any friends into the electronic scene (and still don't come to think of it).  But over the last few month's i've gotten really into it, downloading albums and whatnot, looking up artists, and doing my homework on this stuff.  My electo collection is still pitiful compared to the metal in my music library, but it's growing ever so slowly and steadily.  I've been getting into D&B, House, and even Dubstep (oh god, he listens to dubstep, what a fucking TOOL.  I bet he's never had a girlfriend, and likes Justin Bieber!)

One artist in particular who I've really taken a liking to is Shapeshifter.  About 2 years ago (specifically August of 09) me and a buddy stumbled upon a youtube video with a mysteriously catchy track in the background.  We pretty much put that video on loop for like a week straight, but the video didn't have any credits for the song, and the poster didn't check his account or reply to comments.  (Naturally, half the comments were something along the lines of "WUT SONG IS DIS?").  2 years later I finally stumbled upon the track again, source included, and promptly downloaded all of these guys's albums (at least every one I could find.).  Then for the next month I listened to nothing but Shapeshifter.  In the car, while'st studying,...anywhere else I listen to music.  And i must say, goodness gracious, they are something else.  There's something about them that just stands out above the crowd.  I just want to get up and dance (but i don't, because i'm a white boy from suburbia with no swag).  So anywho, here's a little sneak peek of their stuff.  Maybe you'll like it, maybe not.

And if you liked that, check out their super rad website for more music.

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  1. Yeah they sound pretty cool. I love Dubstep and I think you would love Skrillex if you haven't heard them already. I love them!!