Friday, December 23, 2011

Things and stuff 2.0: The blogs new old direction.

I just went from well over 100 followed, to 21 blogs followed, and i'm probably gonna weed out a few of those. While going through every individual blog, I got to thinking about what direction I wanted this to go in.  I was following everything from Battlefield 3 press release blogs, to how to solve a rubix cube (that's right.  An entire blog dedicated to it.  Why in the hell was i following that?).  Then after an hour or so of mindless deleting, I realized what I want out of this blog.  Really it should have been obvious, as it's in the freaking title "Things and stuff".  I don't want to write a specialty blog on minecraft, or LoL, or press releases, or Rubix cubes.  I just want to write random shit about my life.  So to all my followers, if you find yourself bored with the content of this blog over the next few weeks, i encourage you to unfollow me.  Because I didn't make this blog to get the biggest number of followers I could.  I made it so I could have a refuge away from tumblr, and facebook, and all the people I know from the real world to just talk about stuff.  Not necessarily a place to whine about my innermost feelings or anything (though you longtime followers know i do tend to bitch and moan quite a bit, deal wit it), but just a place to post where i don't have to worry about "selling myself" so to speak.  On tumblr and facebook i'm constantly thinking about what the people reading what i post are going to think of me.  I have to worry about social standards, and peoples opinions about me.  Here, i really don't give two fucks.  I can do whatever i want.
So yeah.  Welcome to Things and Stuff 2.0, enjoy your stay.
Or don't.  Your call  :D

(ps. if i unfollowed your blog, don't get offended.  I had over 100 blogs on my list, there was a point where i just started unfollowing for the sake of unfollowing.)

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