Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wow, look at this kid, what a freaking FAILURE.

I know.  I've left this blog neglected out in the rain, all whiles't just watching it die.  My last 4 or 5 posts were just youtube videos (granted, they were awesome youtube videos, but still), and I've pretty much lost my entire follower base.  After sitting around a few days at home for winter break, I've really had the urge to try and salvage this blog (if anyone even reads it).  For starters, i'm going to go through my followed list, and delete every dead blog, and blog I don't have an interest in.  When I first made this page, my initial thought was "well gee, i'll just follow everyone, that way i'll have tons of followers, and my blog will be the CAT'S PJ'S."  In reality what happened was I followed a bunch of shitty blogs, so now I can't keep track of anything I actually want to read.  So after cutting my feed down to the bare bones of people I actually care about, i'm going to try to post more.  It's tough what with school, and my 3 year old attention span, but I think I can make it work.  There will probably still be youtube videos, and there probably always will be, but from now on i'll try to slip some content on the side to give this blog some meat.

Mmmm. Meat.
Hot damn, it's 11:11, make a wish!

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