Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy new years everybody! I made you another card!  And you didn't die like that one movie said you would!
Disregard wobbly limbs, I'm still stuck with the netbook and travel mouse.
Now lets reflect on all the noteworthy stuff that happened on this glorious year of 2011!
  1. We lost the fancy new years glasses where the zero's were eyeholes.  Fuck you 1. 

Aand that's pretty much it.

It's already been a year, time to make some new years resolutions to keep for like 15 or so days!
  1. Start working out again you fat sack of lard.  Do you do anything besides eat?
  2. Continue updating your blog.  So far so good, don't ruin this.
  3. Spend as little money as possible, and accumulate as much money as possible.   Be a cheapass.  Stop buying toys, no matter how cool they are (unless they glow in the dark)
  4. Stop drinking so many damn soft drinks.  Root beer is tasty, but your body hates you for it.  And good god, that monster energy is destroying you from the inside out, unless you have a test to cram for take a chill with that stuff.
  5. Do better on your schoolwork.  Your last semester was a big sack of dookie, and your parents are going to murder you for it.  Bring that GPA up before you get kicked out.
  6. Make less generic resolutions next year
  7. Actually keep up with these resolutions for more than 15 days.
And don't forget to stay safe everyone.  Don't drink and drive, and all that jazz.  (kinda late for that, seeing as this blog is automatically set to be posted at 12:01, and you're probably piss drunk by now)

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  1. Happy New Year!! I agree with you on the soda and energy drinks. Sometimes I think they are my lifeline. I really need to ditch or at least minimize them this year. Good luck with your resolutions!!